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Recording Artist

"Out of the handful of vocal coaches I have worked with, Jennifer has by far been the most caring and insightful! It Is clear that the techniques she gives you are catered towards your voice specifically, and she genuinely wants to help you with whatever it is you hope to improve upon vocally. I had very pointed exercises to work on every week, and felt that the work we did was propelling me towards my vocal goals. Within our two years of working together, I saw significant improvement in my vocal stamina, range, and overall resonance, and when comparing where I am now to where I was when we began, I can say with confidence Jennifer's instruction greatly improved my quality of singing. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their singing voice!"



NYU Voice Student

"Jennifer isn't just a voice teacher to me. She introduced me to the musical theater world and helped me prepared my college transfer audition [to AMDA] in every way that she could. She is very patient. She will try to explain the concepts as elaborate as possible so I can comprehend. She is also very responsible. She is dedicated to help me develop a healthy way of singing and that is crucial for a singer. She is also a very nice teacher who teaches well in a fun way. Having a class with her will help me lighten my mood for a whole day. Jennifer is my first voice teacher in the U.S. and I will be forever grateful for what she has taught me!"

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NYU Voice Student

“Jennifer is such a well-versed vocal coach. Vocal lessons were fun and so rewarding, I left each session with a new technique (sometimes more than one) to practice with. I not only sounded better, but also understood why. We set realistic expectations together, and by the end of 14 weeks together, I was able to hit notes I never thought I could.”

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Singer & Business Owner

I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be coached by Jennifer, she is exceptional! Jennifer immediately made me feel at ease and understands how to make a virtual voice lesson feel like you’re at a private, in-person studio session! I had so much fun and was able to practice music I loved. I learned so much in our time together and was able to use the techniques Jennifer shared to enhance my performance. With Jennifer, you’ll learn how to preserve, tune and refine your vocal instrument. I felt very confident working with Jennifer, she is incredibly experienced, intelligent, warm and intuitive. I highly recommend trained vocalists as well as beginners to work with Jennifer, she will help you achieve your goals.

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