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I believe learning how to sing should be an enjoyable and educational experience.  As a teacher who enjoys encouraging my students, I hope to help you achieve your full potential as a singer, freeing the sound of your natural voice through the fulfillment of attainable and realistic short- and long-term goals.  Since every voice is unique, I look forward to helping you discover what makes you special as a singer and performer, educating you on scientifically-based practices as well as the artistic nature of singing.  Further, I aim to help you connect with your audience and embody the character of each of your songs.  I hope that through taking voice lessons with me, you will feel empowered and confident in the knowledge of how to use your voice effectively and efficiently, steadily overcoming the challenges that are naturally a part of the overall experience.

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    • Pre-paid monthly

    • Think of tuition like school, where tuition = transformation (as opposed to tuition = time spent in lessons)


    • 4 weekly meetings per month, or 12 per 3-month quarter

  • PAYMENT POLICY: Pre-payment for the Protégé Program is due by the 5th of the month and will be auto-charged through Acuity Scheduling

    • This pre-payment reserves your weekly timeslot as well as your access to asynchronous video feedback with me.

    • Payment must be received in advance in order to proceed with your mentorship. The card you use in Acuity will be kept on file and auto-run monthly for the duration of your program. No refunds are provided.

    • (If monthly payment presents difficulty for you, please reach out to me so we can discuss an accommodation.)

  • COMMITMENT: The Protégé Program requires a 3-month commitment

    • Up to one month may be paused in the event of an extenuating/emergency circumstance as approved at the teacher’s discretion; however, you are committing to 3 full months of paid membership regardless if you pause membership.

  • ATTENDANCE & CANCELLATIONS: In our busy world, it can be difficult to keep a weekly appointment at the same time every week. Just like in school, I do not offer extra makeup classes; however, there are a couple of options if you need to miss a lesson:

    1. ​Check in via video feedback on weekdays

      • Video feedback can be as effective as lesson time. It is an essential component of your program.

    2. Reschedule for a different timeslot by the end of the calendar month, if my availability allows

      • Only as my pre-determined office hours allow. I do not open more hours for missed appointments.

    3. Attend a group class​

      • If I have an upcoming workshop or group class, you are welcome to attend for free in lieu of your lesson​

  • TARDINESS: If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the meeting will be cancelled

  • COMMUNICATING LATENESS/CANCELLATIONS: In the event of unavoidable lateness/cancellation, please text me (you will find my number in my email signature). 

  • SCHEDULING: Scheduling will be conducted via Acuity Scheduling online

  • PRACTICE: Consistent, mindful practice will yield faster results in your vocal progress

    • Clients are asked to practice regularly to benefit the most from your membership commitment. Clients will be given guidelines on how much and how often to practice based on individual assessment. A good starting place is to practice four to six days per week for a half-hour each practice session, depending on your skill level. Please do not practice to the point of vocal fatigue. Additionally, do not feel like you need to warm up on 1:1 lesson days - we will warm up and do vocal exercises during our meeting time.

  • RECORDING: Clients are asked to record every lesson, via video/zoom or audio recording, and review the recording each week.

  • COVID-19 CONCERNS: All lessons are currently 100% online.

    • If you have any concerns related to the pandemic, please let me know.

  • VOCAL HEALTH & INJURY DISCLAIMER: Though I am trained in vocal habilitation, I do not assume any responsibility for your vocal health nor any vocal injuries that could potentially occur.

    • As a trained voice teacher, I do my absolute best to keep you in your top vocal health and make suggestions as to how to do that long-term; however, I am not a doctor or medical professional, nor do I have any control over what you do with your voice outside of our studio time. Because the voice is an instrument housed within the human body, there are many factors that could affect its overall health. By participating in voice lessons in this studio, you agree to release the voice teacher from any liability regarding vocal injury. If your voice hurts, please notify me immediately and visit a laryngologist and/or SLP if necessary. If you need a referral to a laryngologist, I am happy to point you in the direction of a helpful resource.

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This applies to both in-person and online virtual lessons:

  • A water bottle with water in it

  • A straw, if you have one

  • Your sheet music, if applicable, either printed or on a tablet that you can write notes into

  • Your karaoke track, if applicable

  • Yourself - energized and ready to work! 

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  • OPEN COMMUNICATION: I believe it is important for a client and voice teacher to have an open and honest working relationship. I encourage clients to address any questions or concerns with me directly and professionally.

  • ANTI-DISCRIMINATION: This studio does not participate in discriminatory practices on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, height, weight, marital status, or any other protected status. If you need reasonable accommodation for your voice lessons, please let me know.

  • PROPRIETY: Sometimes it can be helpful to make physical adjustments to a student during in-person lessons. That being said, appropriate boundaries will be taken in this studio regarding physical contact. No hands-on teaching adjustments will be made without clear, verbal consent from the student. If you would prefer not to ever have any physical adjustments, you may tell me at any time.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: If you need reasonable accommodation for a disability or other reason, please notify me as soon as possible and I will make every effort to provide you with the necessary accommodation.

Studio Policies: Text

Policies updated March 1, 2021

Studio Policies: Text
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